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Comments for Pleading Prayer for the RIGHT ONE

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Dec 19, 2008
by: Deb

Dearest Kimberly...I hear you and feel your pain....as I have known it as my own at some point in this lifetime...God has answered...it is just not the answer you were looking for...PEACE I breathe to you...in your mind, in your heart, in every cell of your being...while circumstances (as in mine) we watch the unfolding of our lives...challenged beyond measure in our belief that it is for our highest good...may you feel surrounded by angels, know you are loved and given the strength and courage to live in this moment of your life...grateful for the love of your mother (and anyone else)...it is almost Christmas and I celebrate the season in the spirit of love...giving and receiving....pour out your love to whoever is there to receive it and let the love flow freely back...our time will come....look in the mirror and SMILE at the beauty of YOU and say, I love you....blessings to you Kimberly in the torment of your anguish...may you be blessed with PEACE...like a wash of pure joy. I love you.

Jan 14, 2009
The Right One
by: Anonymous

Relax! He is out there for you. You have asked God to provide you with a lifetime mate and He will on His time. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to be patient but you must be. Just ask God what you would need, thank Him and don't ask again. Be grateful for what you have and God will bring more into your life. Thank God daily for your health, and all that you have.
I will pray that you meet your mate!!

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