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Pleading for Intercession

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

I pray to St. Therese and ask her to pray for me to receive a miracle from God. I ask for her intercession. I ask for the intercession of all the Saints and Angels, especially St. Jude, St. Anthony, and Mother Mary.

Hail Mary
Full of Grace.

I ask for the powerful intercession on my behalf from Jesus to His Father on my behalf.

God knows the details that are spoken and in my heart.

I pray for the person in my heart that I miss so very much. I pray God moves into his head and through his heart, opens his eyes, and allows him to come to me. Cast away all negativity from his mind, heart, and life. Let him choose to come speak to me and communicate with me. I pray that God will send the right one into my life.

I pray God will forgive me for being impatient and hurt and questioning everything. Please pray for me as I plead for God's answer.

Dear God, send me a sign. Send me an answer. Send me the reassurance to know this is being worked on and that something good is just about to happen. I beg this of you. Please.

The desires of my heart are good. I pray God grants a miracle and allows me to know how to receive this miracle from His hand.

Dear God, I want my miracle now! Please, bring my miracle now! In the name of Jesus, I ask for this miracle in my life now.

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