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Pleading and Waiting for Help and To Be Led and Answered

by Kimberly
(orange park, fl)

I ask that God works miracles in my life and this situation. Miracles and only miracles will help me with this.

Please Lord hear my cries and my pleading and tell me exactly what to do.

When two or more agree in prayer, what is asked, shall be done.

My mother and I agree in prayer many times a day, hold hands,and crying out to you. Please, hear this and answer as we are waiting. Speak through one of us, speak through the person also being prayed for, speak to me.

I am hurt and lost and lonely and broken. I pray you guide me to what I need to do and where I need to be. I pray that you lift us up in this.

Specifically, you know I am praying for Phillip to return to my life as I can't imagine living my days with that person not in them. Please, Lord, work miracles and I do ask this specific request for the one that I truly love and would support until the end of time. He is a good person with a good heart and this is not him and his actions. I pray Lord, return him to me as the man that I know. I will do whatever it takes and whatever needs to be done if you make me strong enough, but he will need to take that first step guided by you. Over 2 years should not be lost to each other. He changed from this class and is influentially bad. Tell me what I should do to help him besides prayer. There must be some way I can bring the sweet loving gentleman back to hold my hand. If he won't talk to anyone and has whatever emotions he has, please let him deal with them quickly with your help - that he doesn't know to ask for - and let him see clearly and remember me clearly and our history and not stay away from me. Let him know he hurt me and do not let him ignore this and not make this right again.

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