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Peace Returning Like the Tide

by Naomi

I feel peace returning
like the tide
drowning the memories
silencing the sounds
cleansing my pain.

The peace wraps around me
like gentle arms of a friend
bringing care and comfort
in the healing touch of love

Peace fills the empty places
and lets me breathe again
settling over me softly
like sheets resting on skin.

Peace draws me into sweet
silence, and sleep comes
reaching for me in the night
curling around my mind.

Peace returns like the tide,
and with a grateful heart,
I close my eyes and let it
gently carry me to God.

Comments for Peace Returning Like the Tide

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Aug 22, 2008
Peace Returning
by: Deb

Dearest Naomi....aaahhhh...I say YES to peace returning as the tide....thank YOU for such a sweet poem....a blessing to my soul this morning...much love, light, bliss and abundance be yours!

Aug 23, 2008
Peace Returning
by: Naomi

Thank you for the comments and the blessing.
It is good to feel the presence of your prayer in the outreach to others we meet here. God's expansive grace touches us all in so many ways.
May the love you share, also be like the returning tide, coming back to you as freely as you give it.
Like the rivers flowing to the sea, we find our way to that vast ocean of God in our seeking and in our loving. Slowly, we begin to realize that we are part of a global family, as the breath of Spirit connects us through our whispered prayers, and heart to heart through our caring about each other.

Love, Naomi

Nov 27, 2008
by: Jamie

Oh I feel so peaceful after reading this. Makes me feel like I'm in the image of the poem. It's bringing me with it, in a place I've never felt so peaceful before.
Let's help this light shine together =)

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