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Peace and Calm

by Alice Hathaway
(Fayetteville, NC, USA)

Filled with joy of God's love, I prayed and hoped to share this joy with the ones I worked for. My work as a residential aide in group homes brought to me life of great purpose. I wanted to share with the clients the joy of God's love, mercy, and compassion to the one's I loved everyday. When I came to work in the early morning hours, the clients would shout with great joy, "Alice is here," "Hello, Alice, so great to see you here, today." The clients told me that I had a very great calming and peaceful affect on them. When I came in the door, the clients told me, I made them feel very relaxed and calm. "I feel that I can just sit back and relax, No one else here makes me feel this way, but you. I know when you come in, everyone says here, Oh, Alice is here, now we can all relax. Being at peace and in prayer has indeed brought the client's a joy and peace they needed so badly. I hope my story would help other people bring such a joy and peace to everyone in their lives.

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