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Overcome the Pain

by Daniel Smith
(Beverly, New Jersey, US)

It takes everything just to hide

This pain I hold inside

This weight I can no longer bear

The world's hurt that I wear

This pain going beyond just me

But a cry of our lost humanity

This world's sin trying to bring me down deep

My soul darkness wishes to keep

But my heart wants to do what is right

No matter how difficult the fight

I don't care what others say

I will take the higher way

I know I can't do this on my own

I need to be closer to you Lord

The power of your source

The almighty righteous force

Only you can carry this burdensome weight

And take away all my malicious hate

May I be deeper in love with You

For it is your grace that will carry me through

Only you can take away this shame

The power of your Name

In You I have overcome the pain.

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