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Online Spiritual Counseling and Guidance Services

Spiritual Support for Discovering Your Own Unique Connection With the Divine 

World Blessings offers online spiritual counseling and spiritual guidance services to people of all faiths. We make this service available in partnership with those in the Realms of Light that guide our work.

In today's rapidly changing world, with so many upsetting, challenging and at times overwhelming events, it is even more important to discover the strength within us that comes from our unique soul's purpose for being here at this time.

Many of us may have hints of this connection with our souls, God, Creator, our Divine Source, but we may not have any idea of how to live from that place in our daily lives.  We may feel stuck in repetitive negative patterns or overwhelming emotions that prevent us from making more positive choices.

Why Life Today Feels Overwhelming

One of the big challenges we are all facing now is how we respond to what feels like truly overwhelming world events.  

In addition to the pandemic, massive political polarization in many countries, revelations of huge injustices that are done to our fellow human and sentient beings, and a rapidly changing climate, we are also facing huge changes in our inner lives, our bodies, emotions, relationships, families and our daily lives.

Even the ways we communicate are changing.  We now have the opportunity to connect with many more people through the internet, social media and online events.  

We are currently involved in a truly global transformation process, that affects everyone in all countries of the world.  We are all needing to cope with so many losses, ongoing uncertainty and disorientation.

Most of us have not lived with so much dramatic and rapid change before, and so we resort to our familiar patterns of coping, even though we are in new and uncharted waters.

It is easy when we feel overwhelmed, to begin to focus our attention on everything that is wrong "out there" with the many terrible behaviors and events that we witness.  It seems like events are spiraling out of control, and we feel more and more angry, helpless and hopeless.

That is certainly understandable from our "smaller selves", our individual human ego consciousness that experiences itself to be alone.  From this part of ourselves, we are frightened and we strive to be in control of our environment, so that we can feel more secure. 

There Is Another Part of Us

We tend to think of ourselves as small, insignificant and limited in our influence.  This is understandable, as on the human level if we were to simply look at the billions of people on the planet, we would feel very tiny.

One of the great gifts of spiritual awakening, as we come to discover more of who we are, is that we are more than our smaller human selves.

We are also magnificent eternal souls, here on this Earth at this time for a specific purpose.  

That soul purpose lives within our hearts, and can be discovered as we come to learn more about how to listen to our hearts, and to hear the inner calling that lets us know that no matter what is happening around us, that we are loved, we are safe, and we are connected with each other and with the Earth.

How We Help The World

We are connected in a very large and vast network of life that is now being discovered by scientists who are studying quantum physics.

As we begin to understand this more fully, suddenly, we are not so insignificant.

We discover that we actually have a really big influence on the world!

Our thoughts and feelings impact people around us, and the language we use, the choices we make, all impact our world.

Some choices have a large and lasting impact on ourselves and others.  We don't often see that impact however we begin to feel the responsibility inside of ourselves to become the change that we want to see in others.

When we are focusing our energies, attention and words on negativity, we begin to see the impact this has on others.  

Conversely, as we learn more about our true nature, which is love, we find that our lives change as the power of love reveals itself.

How Online Spiritual Counseling Can Help

We are all guided through the events of our lives, and through the calling of our hearts, towards the fulfillment of our soul purpose, even when we may not consciously be aware of that purpose.

Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves in the midst of circumstances that may feel overwhelming, and our previous ways of coping simply are not working anymore.

We may encounter inner blockages that prevent us from taking the needed steps to be able to move forward in our path.

We may need help to access our inner guidance, so that we can discover the way forward toward the inner support and freedom that we seek.

Online spiritual counseling offers you the opportunity to access support for those times that you may need assistance to discover the enormous strength, resilience, courage and love of your magnificant True Self.

Is Online Spiritual Counseling Right For You?

Only your heart will know whether this kind of work may be helpful to you. You will want to learn more about anyone that you decide to work with.

If you feel connected with what I have shared, you can learn more about me and my background, or schedule an appointment below if there is availability.

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