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One More Time. One More Time

by Kimberly

Please pray that God looks past my fault of not being able to just "be still" and stop. Pray that God hears my prayers and sees that the intentions in my heart are out of and for love. The anxiety and restlessness and doubt are because I want something so badly that I'll be lost without it. I am nearly 26 years old. I feel like life is passing me by. Can God be holding back my answer because I can't rest in him? Pray for me to rest and be still and not worry.Pray that God will work miracles in my life and bring me the blessing of a visible sign in answer in my favor.

Pray for Phillip. That angels surround him. That God works through him and around him. That his memories are brought back to him. His appreciation and happiness are brought back to him. That he remembers in full light what we had and he moves past all the fear, doubt, anger, and hesitation that is keeping him from speaking to me. God hasn't let him right out tell me he will not speak to me. I pray softens his head and heart towards me and that God will bring change in him and will move him to restore our communication and relationship.

Please pray for these blessings this Christmas.
If we pray "one more time" this might be the time God answers. Ask and you shall receive. I'm asking to receive a miracle - my miracle this Christmas.

Pray for me to be forgiven for everything I have done. Mary, St. Jude, St. Anthony, pray for me. Pray for love and hope for me.

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