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One Moment of Divine Vision

by Naomi

once we wander
into the hearts
of mystics and lovers
into the divine light
of peaceful souls
or encounter one
who is forever dancing
with the turning earth

we venture into the mystery
of a thousand nights
witness the beauty of a thousand dawns
an eternal moment explodes
and floods all existence
with the beloved

once we awaken
to the birth of stars
fall into the enchanting gaze
of love
disappear in the deep curves
and waves
of that dark hair
releasing the scent
of sweetness
calling us ever more deeply
into the secrets of life

we find we are already hurtling
through the birth canal
into a new existence

where could we go except
to dissolve
into the wonder
of every moment
as the veils fall away
like dancing butterflies
in the wind
one by one by one
to reveal the longing truth
of an inner beauty
aching to be free

when we meet an infinite love
that takes us in
beholding itself in all it sees
seeing wholeness in a single glance
savoring and embracing
all we are becoming
in an adoring gaze
of freedom
we melt into the flames
of vision

once we have been
seen and known in a moment
of soaring
of sensuous surrender
of ascension that vanishes
into a brilliant light
of unity
that permeates the vision
of a new dimension
quite beyond anything
we ever remember knowing
in space or time or place

we are carried and sustained
by love

when we open the door
to unbounded love
and behold the unseen beauty
of eyes that know nothing
but love
could we ever diminish
the glory
of the unending grace
of such a love
that sees
beyond every limitation

death cannot exist
in such love
poverty is impossible
in love
that treasures all life

for the beloved
sees us as precious visions
of the richest kind

if we are seen with such love
for even a moment
is there anything in this existence
or any other
that could ever steal
the joy
arising in
our expanding hearts

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