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One Moment of Bliss

by Robert Allen

One Moment of Bliss

This is a story of bliss, but not the bliss that everyday lovers feel, this is a story of a wondrous bliss that is not of this world and yet still is, not of this existence or this time we mortAals live in and yet still is, this is a story of a greater bliss than even the written word has difficulty in describing or portraying, this exquisite experience I can only describe in the rough language that has been passed down to me by my forefathers, rough and unhewn as stone from the quarry of teeming life we call human. My wondrous journey started on that balmy warm day in a valley of green lush grasses with small forest outcrops of clean pine scents, I meandered along the winding and ever turning track drinking in the wonders of nature, inhaling the perfumes of the earths colours and its many diverse occupants as they rustled with happy life in the gentle warm breeze, and though I still ached with the solace of a lonely man and shared my own thoughts as I experienced this spectacular scene of unrivalled beauty as I strolled in this panoramic vision of what I thought of then as Heaven. But that was that moment in time and in the next my life was to change forever.
I suddenly had an overwhelming compulsion to turn around and as I did it happened... at first a feeling of profound calmness overcame my senses, then my mind reeled and I fell to my knees on the soft warm earth as a man intoxicated by a powerful feeling of sublime joy, as I struggled to contain my panting breaths I looked up, and their in midst of a cloud of heavenly colours stood an Angel just a few footsteps from my humbled body, I struggled to raise my head and as I did, I looked into her wondrous enchanting dark eyes and my mind exploded with pure passion and I fell helplessly deeper and deeper into the white hot fire of her blinding soul, she was not of this world and how can a mere mortal explain or describe a revelation so radiant and immortal as an Angel, for she is beyond the comprehension of humankind, a vision of blinding heavenly light and pure spirit, radiating as a rainbow of all time and of everything that is nothing and nothing that is everything, her hair were locks dark as night and twirled and twisted in the gentle breaths of God, her sublime face forever changing from one wondrous beauty to yet another even more glorious than the last, my heart dare not even try to express in words how beautiful this vision was without stopping it forever. As she gently glided closer ever nearer to my broken ecstatic body I could hear golden whispers from unseen heavenly choirs, and the perfume of heaven was all about me, my senses were lost, all that was me, was lost, I submitted totally to this miraculous overpowering intoxication, the scents of all the flowers of the earth would not begin to describe it. As this Angel of light gently lowered down beside my body of clay, my soul already lost to the realms of love, and yet still more raptures were to come, this glorious vision this Angel lightly touched my lips with a touch so divine I felt as if I danced inside the very Sun itself, a holy drum started beating in my heart and slowly increased in tempo, beating faster, ever faster a crescendo of thunderous sound, a sound of pure wondrous love, faster, faster, higher, higher until it reached the very heavens and created just one vast single sound, a revelation, a word, AUM. Within a hearts beat my mind flew with the stars to the ends of the universe and to the beginning and to the end of all time, in that second I was as all and everything, my soul was pulsing in vast never ending clouds of shimmering violet and blinding purple light, if this be death, take me now to its breast for I am lost in sublime ecstatic glory......Aum.....Amen.

Written as a gift for Tracy Morgan with many thanks for the inspiration to write it.

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