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by Adrian Marroquin
(Shafter, California, USA)

It's In This Fear,
Where I Gain My Strength,
This Adrenaline Rush,
Sends Energy Straight To My Brain,

Over Coming My Fears,
So I Know No Bounds,
No More Energy Wasted,
Keeping Me On The Ground,

I Just Let Go,
Letting This Energy Control Me,
Floating Out Of My Body,
So My Spirit May Break Free,

Defying Physics,
And All Rationality,
For In This World,
I Create My Reality,

And Every Time I Come Back,
I Bring A Piece With Me,
Feeling The Illumination,
Growing Inside Me,

One Day,
My Whole Soul Will Integrate,
Consumed In Vibrant Light,
As I Transform With Grace.

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