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O beautiful One!

by Naomi

O beautiful One!
How long I've harbored
this love for you in my heart!

How long I have seen the world
through the compassionate
veil of your tears
and felt your vision
reaching so far
beyond my own.

Your light shines through centuries
erasing time
hovering in the quiet
places of my soul.

I feel you in the darkness
of the night
and in the touch
of the morning light.

I feel you in every heart
and see your gaze
through every
pair of eyes.
You dwell within us
guiding, inviting, nudging,
loving, and sharing
your sweet spirit
in countless ways
and still you remain unseen
and unremembered
by so many!

May love heal the blindness
and fear,
dissolve the doubt,
and pray through us
that every heart will
awaken soon

I feel you holding
the dying,
lifting their pain,
bringing new life to the earth
through the falling rain,
sharing your breath with a tiny heart
to begin its life.

O my beautiful One!
I have loved you so long
keeping watch
in this waiting vigil
for all to awaken
and know you are here, so near,
kissing away each tear,
whispering away each fear.

I cry out for you to appear
to allow your face,
to reveal your grace,
as I weep
for those who sleep
oblivious to the deep treasure
of your saving presence.

O beautiful One!
May your healing Spirit
lift the veil
and raise the curtain
on your kingdom
and draw us into your heart
in the circling
warmth of your love.


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