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New Light Body Experiences

by Naomi

Some of the experiences I have felt consistently these past several weeks are:

-Heightened sensitivity to light to the point of wearing sunglasses in bright lights.

-The need for more resting time

-Quieting of thoughts and mental stimulation

-Calming of the desire to know and increased trust in spirit energy

-Exaltation at times that could became disturbing, overstimulating nerve-endings, leaving me wanting silence, low light level, and no stimulation

-Desire for a much lighter diet

-Increased desire for water and clear tea

-Times of feeling great peace

-Powerful heart openings that produce an expansiveness in the chest area

-Feeling of creative energy that can focus love to others in a very positive way

-Feeling of communion with other hearts opening to the light

-Awareness of being held in a communal gaze or a stream of loving energy

-Although some of the effects are different and even intense, the overall effect is transforming and very positive.

Love, Naomi

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