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Comments for Never Be Afraid To Ask God For What You Want...........

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i'm still in a big depression
by: depressed guy

God, I lost my phone last march 07, 2010.. I am still hoping that one day, the stealer will give it back to me, dunno how but i'm still waiting for that time to come.. It's almost 5 months and still, no one has ever been calling to my phones or giving my phone back personally.. Sounds crazy?? Hoping for this thing to happen.. but i believe that nothing is impossible with God.. i know that a phone is just a material thing but the pictures inside it are what i'm asking for.. those are my memories since 2005.. my heart is aching for i've never deleted even 1 pic for years and then with that single event, all those pictures had gone.. God, please, i do believe that i can still see my pictures there.. i've learned now from my mistakes.. sorry for my attempts of suicide.. i just cant accept what happened to me, my reality.. everyday, i wake up with my tears in my eyes.. please Lord, give me miracle as soon as possible cause i can't concentrate now with my life.. please, help me.. i know YOU are just around me and don't want me to hurt.. Lord, i'm crying right now, almost dont want to see tomorrow.. help me LOrd, please, I want to wake up with smile in my heart and very lively.. i want to live my life again with YOU.. sorry for what i've done after that incident.. please hear me lord.. please, dont want to feel this again, want to enjoy life at the fullest.. thnx..

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