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Need prayers for miracles and to be still for the answer

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

Dear God, please hear our prayers and deliver a quick answer and sign of reassurance that this situation will be improving.

The other conversations I have had with you, Dear God, please keep in your mind, if you absolutely can not grant my request to bring Phillip
back into my life. (If he can not return the man who I believe was the miracle I prayed for, then bring who he wants into my life with delay)

I pray for help, reassurance, and a sign of positive activity in this situation so that I can begin healing and moving forward hand in hand
with who is meant to be in my life.

I don't believe it is selfish to ask for love and to be loved in return and held on tightly to. To create a happy marriage, and family, and
home. To raise my children knowing that that miracle was created because God answered my prayers.

I trusted God when he brought Phillip into my life. It took a miracle and persistent prayer and pleading and I had never been so blessed in my
life when my best friend became the other half of my heart, I felt. I trusted that I would never be hurt again. Phillip has stepped off his path. He has lost his kind, gentle nature, and gentleman southern upbringing, his listening ears and sweet heart. He is in an influential, negative environment until November 21st. I pray that God lifts all the negativity from him at this time. If his mother's words discouraged him, I pray those words will be cast from him.

I pray that God will do great works in Phillip or in the man that I am meant to be with and that He will not leave me waiting and wondering or
hurting anymore.

Right now, Sisters, I do not feel like my prayers matter. I have asked for forgiveness for all doubt and fear and anger in me from being hurt
and feeling like I've been betrayed and left behind. I prayed that God will help me and listen to my prayers and grant my request, as he knows
why I feel the way I do. I pray that God will work in his mind and his heart and simply, at this point, will just allow Phillip to call and begin restoring communication with me. Even if it is as a friend, I pray that this will happen, so that we can begin the process of reconnecting. He was my friend for years before he was my love and I don't believe God would just take away both from me. Surely he would have just never have made a relationship between us and kept our friendship strong.

Please pray hard. Please, God, hear these prayers of agreement for these intentions both spoken and unspoken and provide a visible sign for me that either he is coming back or that someone his coming into my life.


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