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Need Prayer

Hello. Please pray for me. I was married for 5 years, had a little girl but got a divorce due to his infidelity. He cheated on me numerous times thru out our relationship. After our divorce, he moved in with one of the woman he cheated on me with. Well after 2 years of him in that relationship, he left her and started to pursue me again. I fell back into the relationship thinking he had changed and because I wanted my daughter to have her "home" and "family" back. I loved him so much still. Anyway, after being together for 2 years after that, turns out he never stopped having an affair with this same woman. Except this time she was not too happy about him NOT leaving me. So, she threatened me and told me if she couldn't have him neither could i. He didn't stay away from her even though he told me he was. When he tried to stop their sexual relationship, She accused him of rape. But shortly thereafter they started to have sex again. All of this behind my back of course. I had no idea what was going on. Until he received a phone call 02/2007 from a detective telling him he had to appear for dna testing. Basically, our relationship ended about a year ago - she got what she wanted. But I can't seem to get this cloud out from on top of me. I was subpoenad and had to appear in court to testify in the trial. He was found NOT guilty of rape but had other charges of sexual assault. he lost his job, i lost my child support. Because of his actions, my daughter may loose her father (how do i explain to a 7 year old her daddy's in jail). i have to work 3 jobs to support us. i'm so overwhelmed and feel this is all so unfair to me. I didn't do anything but love him. Once again he left me with debt, and problems. And yet, I STILL love him. Please pray for me that God may remove this unhealthy love and that He heal my heart of the wound my ex-husband left me with. i am in a new relationship with a wonderful man who love me and my daughter. It's amazing but i feel like sI can't enjoy it fully because of my love for my ex. Please pray for me. i need strength, money, peace of mind.

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