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Need Agreement in Prayer

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

I pray and ask for the intervention of St. Jude, the saint of hopeless and desperate cases; St Anthony, the saint of miracles; and Mary. I ask them to pray for me to God and ask for the requests I speak out loud and the requests in my heart and life to be granted to me.

As I ask these special saints to pray for me, I ask all of you to pray for me, too. Pray for the situation and prayers that God already knows about. I stand in agreement with my mother already on a daily basis regarding my situation and life. I ask that you pray for me, too.

God I pray that you hear our prayers and see our perseverance. I ask that you guide me to tell me what to do. Take this worry and heartbreak from me and fill me with joy and reassurance. Take this loneliness from me and bring my lost love back to me or show me who I am meant to begin my life with. I believe a miracle brought my love to me when I truly waited in despair to me and now I pray he is brought back. I wait, pray, and plead with you to not make this hurt last long. I pray that you work in the mind and heart of the one involved or the one that is coming and no more hours or days will go by. I lift this up to you and beg for your help. Please hear my cries and see my pain and please bring this to an end and show me a sign.

I am praying the St. Jude novena and then 9th day is tomorrow. I pray that St. Jude will intervene and that you will give me a positive sign or answer for my life, heart, and love, by this 9th day.


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