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Need Advise on Relationship

by Jolene
(Hillcrest, Australia)

I have been with my parnter for 6 and a half years in this time we we had 2 children togeather and were engaged, 2 and a half weeks ago he left without much reason except he says its my parents i dont understand if someone is willing to marry you and make a like with you could just walk away he says he doesnt love me anymore i use my pendulent every night and it tells me he is my soul mate and he does love me and wants to come home will he come home does he love us does he want to be a family again my pendulant says he does but what he says is different i cant let go because i have hope please help me

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Need Advise on Relationship
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same thing it's been sbout three years. Promise me to keep praying and asking your higher power to grant your wish.

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