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Need a Miracle for Santos and Me

This is us

This is us

Hello again everyone.. It's the same person praying for Santos again. I read that with prayer you need to be persistent and keep on praying and that's what I intend to do! This is the last chance I have before court to send out this request, so please pray!! Please I'm asking and begging for prayers for my boyfriend (Santos). Please pray him that he is safe while in prison. Please pray for him.. Pray to God and ask God to allow Santos to be home in no more than 4 years. I beg you to please, please pray for him. He has court on Feb. 9th and is in desperate need of prayer! Please make court turn out great for him! Please pray that court turns out great and that he will be home in no more than 4 years! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!! Sorry, can you please also pray that I am allowed contact with him if I'm on probation! thank you!

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Feb 05, 2009
need a miracle for santos and me
by: Anonymous

We are all in your prayers...however it is not enough only asking for miracle for Santos..

Santos is going to prison for a reason..

Your first job is to seek forgiveness from those people whom Santos has hurt or caused grief..Seek their forgiveness. What did Santos do wrong...

If Santos has hurt anyone / killed ..then please seek their forgiveness first...If need be..bend down to their feet and seek forgiveness...

Once god is adamant you have done enough and seeked enough forgiveness...your prayers will be answered in no time...

I will pray for you both...

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