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Need a Huge Financial Miracle Immediately!!!

by Joe Bonnette
(Afton Mn USA)



If you want, please send me a prayer cloth for financial miracle, OTHER WISE JUST PRAY FOR ME ABOUT MY NEEDS: I am in need of a lot of financial miracles, you can read about me on www.freewebs.com/areapsalm51/ ... I have a lot of financial debt, and trying to determine what this Nigerian woman is all about, and I am tired of "probablities and statistics." I don't want to hear the "Safe side" of things, I want to KNOW WHAT IT REALLY IS ABOUT. So try to just "believe all things" and hope for a real answer, not just "condemn" things because it is "more likely" according to majority. I know that is a lot to ask, but a real minister would do that. I can get sceptisism from pretty much anybody else. I am really needing to get a 4 wheel drive from my mechanic for the winter, because my 1990 honda might break down soon, and he will give me a $500 trade in value for it, and he is keeping the parts to fix it because it doesn't even have reverse, and a lot of other problems. Please pray for an IMMEDIATE MIRACLE. My mechanic is going to get a ticket because he has a deal to get the truck from this guy, but if he cannot prove it is his like maybe today, he will get a big ticket because of something to do with insurance. I known this mechanic for around 4 years now, and he always helped me when no one else would, and I would have nothing if not for him but he is struggling financially too. He is from El Salvador and his name is Angel, and so pray for him too. WE REALLY NEED A BIG AND UNEXPECTED MIRACLE RIGHT AWAY!! I begged for money on the internet too, on mydonation.com and millionairehelp.org and donatemoney2me.com, but I GOT NOTHING YET EXCEPT SCAMMER, I will not add anymore to this message though my needs are really huge and urgent besides what I told you. and because I am wanting to start a ministry, that is the MAIN REASON I want money. thanks, Joe Bonnette

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