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My Psalm

by michael kaye

before you...my thoughts were mostly dark and gray
my truth was an outright lie
i had learned that love did not exist
and that friends always say good-bye
my days and my nights were spent alone
the only one i trusted was me
my ears had learned how not to hear
and my eyes would no longer see
my heart didn't cry like as a child
for the pain of my fellow man
my spirit was dead, id become an adult
how i prayed i were a child again...
...and when i did you were here,as you promised.
to make my burdens your own
when you looked in my eyes you renewed a love
that id forgotten id ever known
you brought colors into my life again
you mixed laughter and love with the pain
you showed me that good and bad are both good and bad
and that its ok to cry again
you truly are the sunshine
that lights even the darkest corners of my heart
not even in death for that no longer exists
shall the two of us ever part


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