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My Prayer

by Naomi

Oh God of all people!

God of all Creation!

Oh God of Glory!

God who has made the heavens

and the earth!

God, who is the very substance

of all that we are!

You who have made us in the image

of your Light and your Love,

perceived and conceived

in your Divine mind,

flowing from your own Spirit

and from your own divine Soul

we are created to be your people

here on earth

to live in harmony as a global

and cosmic family.

I come to you in this moment in time

here on earth

feeling your presence within me,

loving you with my whole heart,

my whole soul,

my whole mind, and with all that I am.

It is you, who have given me life,

and you, who has given it meaning,

and it is you, who has gives me the vision

of who we could be

if we could turn to you

for help to sustain the gift of this planet,

and life itself.

You give us so much!

Give us hope and help us

discover the joy!

Help all see how you surround

us with beauty

and how many ways you invite us

into relationship with you!

Oh God, give us the faith we need!

Awaken us to your Presence!

Help us become aware

of how our lives would change

if we could only know in our hearts

how close you are to us!

Help us God!

So many are suffering and struggling

and have lost their way,

so many who are hurting and feeling alone.

Cure their blindness and help them see!

Help us all to feel your love!

Help us to truly love those,

who cannot yet see

the wonder of your healing power!

May your divine breath move across

the face of the earth

and give us life that is true.

Give us hope!

I pray with all my heart for all those,

who do not yet know

the miracle of your love.

I come to you in deep gratitude

for the gift of life and love,

and praying for your help

for all those

who do not yet truly know you.

Thank you for hearing my prayer.


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