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My Brother and His Wife Lost Their Twin Babies

Dearest Friends,

My brother Steve and his wife Tara lost their twin babies today in the fourth month of pregnancy. They are so sad and though they trust that God has a purpose for them in this situation, they are filled with grief. Our family is very sad and I ask that you send your loving thoughts and prayers to them. Thank you so much, may God bless you.

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May 30, 2008
MyBrother and His Wife Lost Their Twin Babies
by: Naomi

My heart goes out to you carrying and looking forward to such a double blessing in your life, and then to have to release them so quickly.
Many years ago, I lost a child early in a pregnancy, and I remember wondering about such a little soul forming a life around it. I felt the light of it head straight for God...to instinctively return to its wholeness in the light. Oh, I do hope you feel the lingering beauty that touched your life...even without the chance to raise them and come to know who they would become.

Sending you love and comfort...and blessing the space between us...which is filled with God.

Love, Naomi

May 31, 2008
by: Anonymous

I pray for them,we don't know the destiny,may the Almighty bestow all its bGifts to the family.

Jun 01, 2008
May the Divine blessings bestow your brother & his wife with healthy biological children at an early date
by: Partha Roy

My deeply share the pain of your brother & his wife & entire family who was looking forward to the future children whose growth came to an undesired end.
May the Divine light the life of your brother & and his wife with new pregnancy soon so that they can have their biological progenies at an early date , creating joy in the entire family & fraternity of friends.

Jun 13, 2008
Thank you so much
by: Mashubi

Thank you so much dear friends for your love and prayers. Yes, we felt light around the twins even in their departure, we felt held in love despite the pain and disappointment. The doctors discovered when my sister in law went in for the operation that she had blood clots in her lungs, so the twins in their leaving also brought to light this serious health challenge that would have otherwise not been seen. Thank you again for your love and prayers! With much love.

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