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Mr.Tariq Siddiq.

by Tariq Siddiq
(Jeddah Saudi Arabia)

I suffered depression as a result of failure in business years ago. It has been a hard road with me being on a constant state of arousal and erratic behavior...but then I am a poet (joke)and so it goes,now on medication ,mainly lithium and flonexol I am doing well.However the real true saviour of my predicament has been my religion Islam and the Book of Nature the Quran.It has made me just such and I am blissfully happy and contented ,simply because we believe that all things happen because of the will of Allah. My poem goes : Woe to the man who sits in a garden but cannot see .. become a part of nature , read the Book of Nature, Al Quran Al Kareem (The Quran ,the Book of Mercy).
And with the belief in the words of God in the Quran that God does things which may seem bad for you in the short term but will benefit you in the long run...truly I have received all my answers thru. the Book of Mercy . I do have my ups and downs but I now have a back bone that keeps me essentially up and firm in the choppy waters of life.
God Bless,much love, and Salaam (Peace.)

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