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More Sensitive to Dental Work - Any Suggestions?

by Janine

I am a healer and over the years as my light body has changed I have had more and more difficulty going to the dentist. I find that the anesthetic they use makes me dizzy and once I almost fainted. The dentist figured out that a non-epinepherine kind of novicain works better for me, but I need to have these kinds of injections more frequently because my nerves are hypersensitive. After dental work I often have headaches for up to a week. I also often get an outbreak of cold sores on my mouth and have a sore throat. Most recently, I got very, very sick after a simple dental xray. I've learned some tips to help me avoid getting so sick next time, but I'm postponing the rest of my dental work until I feel more stable. Any suggestions or ideas on how to help this situation?

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Jun 06, 2008
clearing out radiation
by: Mashubi

Dearest Janine,

Yes, I've noticed that as the light body becomes more sensitized that we feel chemicals, xrays and other irritants more keenly. I recommend that you schedule dental x-rays for a time when you don't need to then have any other dental work done. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the xray. What may help you to lessen your reaction is to dose your body with foods, nutritional supplements and herbs that can help to clear out the radiation from your body more easily. Some of these include miso soup, vitamin C and yarrow california flower essence. I've also heard that adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng, liver cleansing herbs and immune system tonics can help clear the radiation from your body.

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