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Metta Prayer for World Healing

by Kyiahshekanna
(Boise, Idaho, USA)

Our Spiritual community is requesting your Spiritual community to PLEASE pray the Metta Prayer, once a day through September 24th, 2011.
These prayers will go to a big prayer bowl, to benefit:
1. The lost children, so we all know that all children are OUR children and that it is our job to protect them,& treat them with loving kindness.
2. That the earth is our mother, and we as her children, must take care of her,
3. That the LBGT community may experience tolerance, and come together as a people.

Thank you for considering this prayer request. Here is the Metta prayer.

Metta Prayer

May all beings have fresh clean water to drink.
May all beings have food to eat.
May all beings have a home.
May all beings have someone to share love with.
May all beings know there true purpose.
May all beings be well and happy.
May all beings be free from suffering.
Today I shall do what I can, to make this so.


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