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Memories of the Past - Please Pray for Me

I am a survivor of a horrific past and it has now bubbled to the surface. It is ruining me, I live in constant fear. Please pray for all those who feel like me

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Oct 18, 2010
Helaing for post traumatic stress

I am so sorry for the pain you have been through. May God's love and light heal the traumas of the past so that you can find peace and freedom from fear in the present moment. There is an article on this site that you may find helpful, a Spiritual Perspective on Post Traumatic Stress. I hope this can be helpful.

Feb 03, 2011
One thing
by: No Longer Myself

I know not of what your past entails, but as someone who had a successful past and have endured a horrific past 5 years, I pray for you to find acceptance in what you are now, today, this week, and in your future.

My suggestion for you is to force yourself (like I have to) each morning to write down one thing you enjoy, one thing you are good at, one reachable goal (for only that one day), and a person or experience that you appreciate in your life.

Its a small step but it helps you focus on NOW, this moment, this chapter in your life, and allows you to see yourself as you are. It allows for acceptance instead of focusing on the bad.

Much love to you.

Feb 23, 2011
You can heal-I promise!
by: Sherri

Forgive my slow response. I too came from a horrific past and have been where you are now. Please know that you can heal from the past. It took me therapy and spiritual guidance, but the worst has passed. Now, I can spend each day in peace and harmony with my life, past and present. I will lift you up in prayer that you too will find the strength to heal.


Apr 03, 2011
no comment
by: tim

With all my heart

Aug 08, 2011
A prayer for you!
by: Priscilla

I do not know what you've been through but it sounds so painful. As I write this note I have taken a moment to pray that Our Father will lift you from the pain of your past and move you into His ever loving and abiding light. Amen

Aug 16, 2011
soul taker
by: kalilawrence@ymail.com

my ex had mebelieveing thata higher power had made him able to take ppls soulswhen he was asleep. i need prayer 4 him an the family. that that never happens to anyone. can it happen?

Sep 19, 2011
Faith, Believe, Life
by: Anonymous Prayer Warrior

As I sit hear this morning and pray, my prayer for you is that God surround you by HIS light, and that he send you a special angel to help guide and comfort you when your memories won't leave you alone. You may be born into an unfortunate situation in this earthly world but God, Our Father is your heavenly Father. From this day on may you go forward and embrace every great thing that HE has for you. TODAY you have his permission to start living and you are free, no longer held hostage to the dark things of your past. Have FAITH, thus you will be able to BELIEVE in the great future that HE has destined for you. Go forth and and enjoy your LIFE. Amen

Oct 18, 2011
what can i do,
by: Brooke

I feel fear from being abused from others hurting me or my feelings.Will that fear keep haunting my energy,and feelings?Please,I feel axiety and pressure.Please it keeps affecting my entire life.How i react when i go to school,and my school is judgemental or with my family.Like my other family members that i hav'nt seen in a while.Well people hurt my feelings too many times,and there was things in the past that bothered my own peace.And i think the forces are not aligning against me.

Oct 19, 2011
banish the fear
by: Anonymous

lay quiet and think of clear water. clear your mind. Say to yourself and believe it. I shall banish the fear. Banish the thoughts that take me there. Banish the pain . Say it again. Do this each time you feel it coming on. I understand. You have the spirit in you or you would not be hear. That spirit will flow free through you like the clear water running through a fresh water steam.

Dec 01, 2011
inability to forgive hurt feelings
by: Anonymous

I have some hurt feelings through family members of both side this has strained our relationship.I wanted to progress in my career but nrver achieved anything.now i feel very insecure lost my confidence mind is full of ager to those hurt words and events.i need deliverance from all these and free my mind and soul.please pray for me

Mar 04, 2012
Healing Memories of the Past
by: Anonymous

Accept God's love and embrace ALL aspects of your awareness, including the dark corners and what has been perceived as pained or painful realizations. Place your trust in Jesus, or if you don't happen to be Christian, in your higher Source self. None of us are perfect, and Jesus life was ransomed for all humanity. All were made in God's holy image. In merging with your divine inner self (allowing of Christ light into your awareness) ANY past hurt ANY grievance can be overcome. May you be blessed, protected, strengthened, guided.

Apr 28, 2012
I'm with you, hope you'll get through....
by: Survivor & still fighting

I have gone through a horrific past myself...3 years ago I had a life threatening surgery...I survived through therapy and spiritual intervention. Of course with the support of my family and friends....still fighting trauma that still etched in my mind and heart....but through prayers I get through....I pray that you will be healed of whatever you're going through...i pray that you be showered with strength and faith...believe in prayers, believe in yourself...life is good. God bless!

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