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Marriage Restoration for Simon and Julie

Dear Friends,
Please pray for me. My husband Simon have been separated for one year. I originally suggested we separate as I was dealing with some personal issues and thought i would be better off to deal with on my own. It was Never because I didn't want to remain married to him. I realized my mistake a month after but then it was too late. He has since been in a relationship with OW. Simon is now visiting the other woman and her family for the next while. Dear God and Blessed Mary and Jesus, you know how much Simon and I love one another. You have heard us say those words to one another again and again throughout this crisis. While Simon is away on this trip, I pray that Simon receives clarity and that he hears You speaking to him very loudly and clearly. I pray he realizes in his heart and his head that he wants to return to our marriage. You know that before he left he told me he carries me with him everywhere he goes and that I am such a big part of him. May he have the overwhelming sensation that what he is doing is wrong; that it doesnt feel right. May I remain in his heart during this entire trip. May the thought of us restoring our marriage and us as parents one day fill his being. May these thoughts bring him peace and direction. May one happy loving thought of us and our life together fill his heart, soul and mind all day, every day. May his faith is us grow everyday stronger and stronger. Thank you for letting Simon let go of anything that he is clinging to that is stopping him from returning to our marriage. Please make Your presence made known to him now.

I pray for a hedge of protection and the Armor of God around our marriage. I pray the hedge of thornbushes around the other woman.
I ask all of this in our Lord Jesus Christ's name.
I love you and thank You for all You do.
Amen Julie

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