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Love Waits for Us to Call

by Naomi

Prayers for the Light of Love

Prayers for the Light of Love

Darkness can be the obscurity

that opens the eyes

of the heart

to the light of love.

Weakness can be the opening

to the birth

of a new way of being.

Love can penetrate anything

and find its way into every heart,

except the one

that closes the door

and turns away.

Even then, love waits

at the threshold to be called.

When we finally cry out

for love,

the way it comes to us

may not be how we dreamed

or ever imagined

it would come.

Love has a freedom

unknown to our reasoning minds,

and in the helplessness,

of our breaking hearts,

love comes rushing

in like a river,

bearing the light

of an astonishing surprise.

Love is the most

beautiful companion and lover

we could ever invite

to awaken in our souls.

Give love passage

in an ever flowing stream

through your heart,

and I will come too.


Comments for Love Waits for Us to Call

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Jul 23, 2008
So beautiful...
by: Doran

So beautiful, it kindles the remembrance of love in my being...

Thank you Naomi....

Jul 24, 2008
by: Deb

Naomi...that was simply BEAUTIFUL....thank you!

Oct 29, 2008
by: Andy


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