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Love is so near to you, my dear

by Naomi

Love has come to invite you,
to incite and excite you,
to draw those curtains aside
that you hide behind
when you close the blind
and confess your loneliness.
When you think no one hears
your muffled cries and tears,
love listens and glistens
and quiets your fears.

Love is so near to you, my dear.

Love longs to chase away
your sadness, replace it with gladness,
erase the shadows from the night
and embrace your heart with light.
Love wants to say this is a day
for you to come away and play,
for love would truly rejoice
at the sound of your voice!
Make a decision and grant me the vision
of your grace-filled face in this somber place!

Love is so near to you, my dear.

Love implores you to open the door
to explore and to feel more
than you ever have before,
to fill your eyes with surprise
and share the bliss of a kiss,
to dance and take a chance,
for Love wants to serenade you
and promenade you around the town
in a golden gown of joy!

Love is so near to you, my dear.


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