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Love is a Choice to Live

by Naomi

Sometimes, the world goes out,

and there isn’t a sound

in a moment at the end of a breath,

a pause in the vast expanse

of an evolving world,

that allows a timeless glance

of the cosmic dance.

Life as I know it

hangs in the balance,

and I see the purest light

in the center of a quiet night.

Far beyond everything,

an opening to slip away

is somehow made clear to me.

The past and future

give way to a sight that is more

than the eyes alone can behold,

when I am allowed to see

the timeless Presence

of Eternity.

Do I breathe in the life I know,

or let my final breath

end the flow?

My mind cries out to know

if it is time to go.

My heart is holding on,

for love is calling me to stay.

This sea of light is the soul,

a timeless peace within,

an unending glow to guide me home.

No wonder so many lives appear

in the slant of the setting sun

when the day is done.

No wonder our life seems so new

in the pure light of dawn.

All time is compressed in that sacred hour,

as we are blessed

in the unfurling flower of love

spreading its petals like fragile wings,

a beauty of being that becomes the song

of the thrilling glory of life

where we belong.


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