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Lots of weird stuff

by Jennifer

I have experienced a lot of depression, exhaustion, weight fluctuations, digestive issues within the past year. I have been feeling a bit better the last few days. For several years I have been seeing violet and white orbs flashes. Also from time to time I get a warm radiating sensation from my forehead to the top of my head, which feels similar to reiki energy. Every now and than I get this buzzing, pulsing sensation in my chest area which I only feel if I'm laying down and really quiet. I have been noticing a lot of synchronizations lately such as thinking about someone I hadn't seen in a long time and out the blue I see them the next day.

I am also finally learning to let go of control and resistance and trust the Universe for example the other day I lost my cell phone at work. I had three other people helping me look for it. We tore the office apart and I finally came to the conclusion that either someone stole it or it fell off into the trashcan and got thrown away. I went as far as calling the cell phone company about the cost of getting a new one. When I got off the phone with them I was throughly frustrated. I made myself take a deep breath and quieted my thoughts. I said to myself that I was going to turn this over to the Universe and that quick I heard a little chirp that sounded like a cell phone trying to get a signal. My phone was in a bottom drawer of my desk, the only drawer that we didn't think to check (lesson learned).

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