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Lost, lonely, broken, and needing a miracle

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

I believe God is telling me to "be silent" while waiting for an answer from him. There is nothing more that I can do and now god has to do all the work.. I watched a Joyce Meyer program where she said that we just have to "hang out" instead of panicking over what to do when there is nothing I can do. God will do it and it'll be taken care of.
The other half of my heart is gone from me and I'm asking God to work within Phillip to turn his heart around and put him back on the same track together with me. If he absolutely can not or will not bring him back into my life I pray that he works miracles to bring the right one into my life to that I can move on with my life. I am staying quiet, as I believe God is asking. He knows what my heart desires and where it lies and who with. He knows the hurt inside me and being done to me. I pray that he was end this soon and fill my arms again with the other half of my heart.
I pray He shows me exactly what to do to receive the miracle I pray for whether it be Phillip or someone else in my life. I pray HE does this without me having friends, going to bars and clubs, and being surrounded by married friends with children. I am very alone and this will take a divine intervention.
I have waited a very long time for what my heart desires....to love and be loved completely in return and have the man to spend the rest of my life with. Everywhere I look, it fails. I don't find what I truly want and prayed so hard before receiving Phillip into my life. I believe he is meant to continue being in my life and that mistakes and confusion and bad influences got to him. I pray this is all lifted from me and he will end this silence between us. There is no reason for it and this personality and bitterness and hatefulness is not like Phillip at all. His environment has negatively changed him and I pray with all mercy that whatever has happened to him, that divine intervention from God will allow him to return to the wonderful person he has and that God's work will make him return even better than he was. I am being ignored, have lost my wonderful friend, and am being hurt in this situation. Whatever has negatively influenced his mind towards me, I pray God will work within his head and hands to align this relationship and situation back to normal. God knows the details.
If God does want Phillip and I to come together, I pray God will show this to me so that can see some light in a room of darkness. If he isn't planning to work and return him to me soon, I pray He will show me me who I am meant to be with and where my life is meant to go and be.
Please pray without ceasing for me as I require a miracle. I have no desire to go out as my friends are all married, I do not want to go to bars and clubs - they never worked for me before and I never could find what I wanted. Online dating scares me and I'm never interested. I know Mr. Right won't knock on my front door, but why go out if the only thing I ever wanted was miraculously brought to me? But if God isn't bringing him back and I don't want to go out to those places and have no one to go with, then what do I do?

Please pray God helps me. Helps Phillip. Gives me an answer and doesn't leave me alone with my heart loving someone that may not be brought back to me. I would want to move on and need God to help me move forward with the right one.

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