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Comments for Lord Jesus please help me

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Feb 24, 2012
The way NEW
by: clyde

Lord i know you are the way and the only Way. Bless all that Need.You have Bessed me so much for so long, now i feel i might be Sinking.Lord show me more please of your Blessings!!!

Feb 16, 2012
Give your all to Jesus NEW
by: Anonymous

we must give up,all to Jesus,that is what lORD means,let God. we are going to have problems,we must choose.Love and grace. yield your will to God thank God you have a job.searve the Lord where ever you are,seek Gods will for your life my place of service was my family and my community and the church

Jan 26, 2012
Understanding your pain NEW
by: DianeAnonymous

I too, have challenges that seem overwhelming. The Ounsil, I sought, says they will not work with our older acquaintance. They says iaa have assayed them to help me. Let us help you.. Asi AMA SOS confused.

Dec 27, 2011
need guidance, confused,stressed,don't know what to do, very tired NEW
by: heanre

Lord JESUS CHRIST, i don't know what to job is killing me, i love a way out the soonest possible,i can't wait for how many days.i would appreciate working in a born again christian company in a born again position that YOU desire for me, stay in... i don't know when YOU are talking.i am tired of being tired, of having no peace, of being stressed, i am tired of everything. it seems that i am pushed beyond my limit and am always doing things that kills me. :( PLEASE HELP.GOD ALMIGHTY FATHER'S WILL BE DONE.THANK YOU VERY MUCH

Nov 25, 2011
Thanks to my Lord, who is my bride groom NEW
by: Jisha Jagadeesh

Dear darling Lord, U r sweet, loving, caring, my faith, my confidence, and my everything. Lord Jesus, Thank you that U made me love you. Thank s a lot you made me having faith in you....Lord, today I am here only because of your grace and only because of your selection. Lord Jesus, Thank you for helpingh me to overcome all the financial crisis....Thanks a lot for extending your mighty hands whenever required. Lord, I want to have a beautiful and intelligent daughter and a handsome and wise son. LORD PLEASE GIVE THEM AND HELP US TO LIVE WITH MY HUSBAND..... I thank you in tons for listening my prayers,

Thanks once again.....Yours,


Oct 22, 2011


Sep 14, 2011
Jesus is with your always
by: Anonymous

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the doors will be opened. God is with you always, no matter what. Look to him for all your answers, seek Jesus with your heart and not your mind. He will never leave or forsake you. I pray for you and your family in the name of Jesus. He will supply all your needs. love

Sep 14, 2011
Jesus is with your always
by: Anonymous

Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the doors will be opened. God is with you always, no matter what. Look to him for all your answers, seek Jesus with your heart and not your mind. He will never leave or forsake you. I pray for you and your family in the name of Jesus. He will supply all your needs. love

Jul 30, 2011
Help us
by: You know who I am oh God

Please Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Father, God, please help my family have peace so we can help other children of yours have peace too. Please do what is best for us. Please help us live happily. Please end the problems in our minds and heart. Please stop all the fights we have. Please love us. Please love all of your creatures as well. Please help. Please. I beg. A. Million. Times. And. More. Please. Christ. Jesus. Holy. Spirit. God. Please.

Jul 20, 2011
god hears all your prayers
by: Anonymous

As you sit reading this today you will be blessed in the name of Jesus, he hears your prayers and asked that you have patience. Say thank you Lord Jesus out load and he will hear you and that is all that is needed to be said.

Pray tonight, give him your heart and let us pray together. The young will see the light and the old will prosper into the heavens as the gate will rejoice in the name of the father Amen.

You have a mission as he lead you to this tonight, can you say praise Jesus with me and don't cry but rejoice again in the name of Jesus.

He wants you to forgive and to give with your heart and blessing amen. NC you call to Jesus tonight and prayed for this Amen , be delivered in the name of the blood praise Jesus.

We are all gods children and the harvest time is coming but don't be afraid and doing gods work is his favor amen.

Go today freed by the blood and know from this moment god is working miracles

"Dear father we pray tonight with these families and ask that you heal them and anoint them with the blood lord the blood of the father lord Jesus

Tonight these souls are asking for the mercy and the power of the lord to manifest its self unto thee praise the lord.

Forgive my brothers and sisters as we praise your name and by the hand of god tonight lord may you come to them with your presence and love and bless them with the blood of the lamb in Jesus name Amen."

Tonight the lord took your hand Kelly and placed it with Jesus, walk with him now.

Brian don't be afraid Kelly A 216 fx Amen you to have power in Jesus name amen Andre you are a man of god praise Jesus and remember your time will come be with your family.

To all women and children blessed be thy name and forever be in the presence of the lord Amen.

Jul 20, 2011
Help me Lord
by: Joel

Lord Jesus, I know that you already know of my current predicament. My family is suffering emotionally because of my weakness in material things that led me to debts. I've committed so many sins that I am now paying for. I am very weak and I need you Lord to strenghten my spirit. I ask for your mercy to please help me get out of debt. I know you always listen to our prayers and I know you're always there for us.
Lord Jesus,I am so lost now, so hopeless, but I believe in your mercy Lord. Forgive me my Lord Jesus, Please help me be a good provider to my family. Help me that I may find ways to secure my family both emotionally and financially.
Lord, I pray to you and glorify you, I love You!
Whatever happens Lord, It's your will be done.

Jul 15, 2011
Need a job
by: Anonymous

Please help me pray that I will be able to get a suitable job as I have been searching for one for a very long time and I need the money to support my family. God please help me find a suitable job as only you will know what is best for me. Thank you and amen.

May 31, 2011
Please Lord help me out of debts
by: Bongi

In the name of Jesus Christ I humble myself infront of you my Saviour, I have cried and prayed for days to You Heavenly Father asking for Your miracles, I know you are the Lord of lords. Please help me out of this grave of debts I am in. I love you and I strongly believe in miracles you performed years ago and am aware that You are still the same Lord that you were. I am dying emotionally, I need Your guidance, Your love, Your caring in this trying time am going through. All in the name of Jesus Christ please help me Dear Lord!

Thank You Lord, thank You!

May 10, 2011
Help me help another
by: Martha

Dear Lord thank you for all the many blessings in my life. Know that I praise You and love you and I know You know what's best for me. I am trying to help a friend of mine find a loan to get him out of debt and I need Your help with this. You know my heart and you know he is a hard working man. Please help me help him. You know that me trying to help him has put me in a bind so we need this help for both of us. I love you Lord and trust in You for everything I need please help me. In Jesus name I pray

May 05, 2011
Aiutami Gesu'
by: Anonymous

Tu sai cosa. Per favore aiutami!

Apr 04, 2011
Please Help me Lord
by: Anonymous

God thanks you for everythings that you have done for me. Now im having a debt problem, please help me to grant the loan that i have applied, please God help me. Each day im suffering of this problem and no peace of mind. i calm my self by your prayer. Lord Jesus I only trust in you. Please Help me ASAP.

Feb 10, 2011
Jesus, please hear my prayer
by: Anonymous

Jesus, you know what we as parents go through. Our youngest son has got a will of his own and we do not allways know how to handel it. Lord, you have created him and you know why he is like that. Father, please can you make him calm and more giving? Please Lord? My mum can't look after him all day if he is like that. He screams at her and sometimes hits her. Father, in the Mighty Name of Yeshua, hear our prayers. We love you Lord and we can't live without You. You are the breath that we breath. Love. K

Dec 30, 2010
Thank You
by: Anonymous

Jesus thank you for this day. I thank you for past and future blessings. I need your help as you already know I do. I do not want to be a slave to debt or the sin that causes debt. I ask that you send someone my way who is spiritual and can and will truly help me. I ask this in your name Amen.

I send this prayer out to everyone.

May God bless you all including our debtors.

Nov 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Lord I love you

Nov 07, 2010
I feel so ashamed...
by: Signed, Your Son

Father (Abba), I have a job that You blessed me with. And You have blessed my wife and I with plenty. However, for the past few months it seems like I am doing the work of 5 people, and the work continues to mount up on every side. Also, my supervisor has begun speaking to me and treating me very badly; so bad that sometimes I feel like giving up. However, after reading so many of the messages on this site I feel ashamed for crying out to You for deliverance. Instead, I ask that You "please" bless everyone who is in need of employment, food, or whatever their needs might be. Teach me to be satisfied with where You have placed me, and to be more of a blessing as well. I love You, Papa, and I will not complain because You have blessed me so much. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.

Nov 01, 2010
Lord, I need your help financially, please help me.
by: geri


I am humbly asking in prayers to please help me find other types of resources to assist me at this moment to pay my Nov.2010 rent and utilities...I will repay you in anyway that you ask of me...

Please Lord our God, please help me find a way to pay off my Nov.2010 debts. ... Please send your angel or someone to lend or give us money to pay all my debts.


Oct 26, 2010
To All of you
by: Tom

Jesus wants us to be there for each other. I commit myself to pray for each and every one of you and for your intentions. I ask that you also keep my wife in your prayers during this time of fear for her health.

Oct 24, 2010
Know you more.
by: Anonymous

Lord, i want to know you. I want to love you. teach me to. I need you.

Sep 24, 2010
by: summerz

God, please give me a Job that fits my qualification, I been bumming around for a year, since Sept 27 last year I had no luck..
please God, let the Aesthetic Design Company absorb me to their company please..

Sep 13, 2010
help me Lord
by: Sarena

Heavenly Father, Please forgive me of my sins, and take care of me in this terrible time, I am trying to trust you and have faith in the midst of this timultuous storm. Nothing seems fair to me right now, I am all alone with no help from anyone. Please help me i am crying out to you. I am drowning.

Sep 11, 2010
Miracles require faith.. A lot of it.
by: mario and angie

When you see no way. When it seems insurmountable. That's what makes it a miracle. I put it all in your hands heavenly father. To worry suggests that don't have faith, I do. So I thank you in advance. I love you..... mario and angie. In jesus name.... Amen.

Sep 07, 2010
Lord, please have mercy
by: gg

Dear Lord,

I have no where to go, no one to turn to. I beg of you, please help me to pay all my debts especially to my husbands savings. Please send your instruments to help me. I really dont know what to do anymore.
It's like the end of the road. Please make way if there's no other way. I beg of you.

I cannot open up to my family as well, I seek for help and yet they cannot extend to me.

I beg of you, please have mercy.

I need you so badly,

Aug 23, 2010
financial problems
by: Anonymous

Please God, please help me find a way to pay off my debts. Please guide me, please help me, please give me strengh. It dosent matter how hard I work, I am sinking. Please God please show me what to do. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ your beloved Son and our saviour. Please hear my prayer Lord.

Aug 23, 2010
Strengthen Us
by: Anonymous

Lord, please give my wife and I the wisdom & will power to properly manage our finances better. You know our situation, and I know that You said, "we have not because we ask not...". So, I'm humbly asking for Your help in our lives even though we don't deserve it. Give me favor within my job and give my wife favor finding a job...Help us teach our kids better than we've been taught and to avoid the mistakes we've made. Help us to be able to consisently be a blessing in other people's lives. This I ask in Your son, Jesus' name, Amen...

Aug 15, 2010
Financial Need
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your many blessings, Need to find a job soon to take care of my family, pay the mortgage and send my daughters to college. I know that you know my needs even before I ask. Thank you Lord for hearing me. I ask for these things in Jesus's name. Amen

Jul 28, 2010
Lord Jesus
by: Anonymous

Lord Jesus

Please Solve our financial problem
bank loan and we are suffering financial problem
he is trying another job please to get a job for him and please our financial problem

praise you jesuse love you jesus

bless us jesus

Jul 27, 2010
Lord Yeshua Help Your People
by: Anonymous

Lord Yeshua,

So many of our people are hurting and in need of your help. I pray Lord that you will have mercy on us and help us. We are not of the world but we are certainly in the world. We did not bring sin into the world but we are certainly being affected by it. Have mercy on us Lord, your faithful followers. Help us my Lord Yeshua! Come quikly Lord and give us the relief we so desire. In the precious name of Yeshus (Jesus) I pray.

Jul 14, 2010
help me, Lord
by: Anonymous

I thank you Lord for the blessings that come our way everyday. i thank you for the people who help us. Thank you for our loved ones who patiently love us, support and understand us. Thank you for our children who make life a wonderful experience and thank you for giving us endless tomorrows to correct our mistakes and start all over again. I pray to you dear Lord to help me and the others resolve all our problems. Send us help so we will be able to settle all our financial obligations. We have made bad decisions financially but I know we are good people. We promise to change and not be indebted again. Help us and guide us. We ask you Lord to give us another chance to correct all our mistakes.

Jul 12, 2010
Lord Jesus, Please Provide for us for our forth comming wedding
by: Victor and Blessing

Please Jesus you know shame may be ahead of us. Our wedding comes up on 28th August 2010. but as at now, we have no money for the wedding and even accommodation. Please Jesus, if you will help us out of this shame, we will give the first 2 months salary after our wedding. Please Jesus help us. We will testify of you Goodness.

Jul 07, 2010
by: michelle

I am working hard Lord and I just need a little bit of help today to get out of debt. I pray for money for the bank and for my medicine. I'll do whatever you ask Lord. I am sorry to be asking for this kind of help, but I know you hear me and know my plight. Thank you for your many blessings every day Lord. I know I have many. Thank you for our health and for our home. I praise you.

Jun 29, 2010
lord, give me strength and guidance
by: Anonymous

lord, please help me in my financial problem..i want to pay-off my debts..please help me lord..give me strength and guidance to fight for this problem..

Jun 26, 2010
Lord Jesus, we need your help urgently!
by: Anonymous

Please help us to pay all our debts with the banks and other individuals due to global economic meltdown. Please send your angel or someone to lend or give us money to pay all my debts.

Also, help us to be able to put our children in school this september.

Grant my new business ideas and open doors of opportunities for him that will propel us to greatness.

Lord Jesus, Please we need your help very urgently.

May 21, 2010
help my son pls,jesus
by: anne

please jesus, answer my prayer for my son. as a mother, i feel so wounded and hurting seeing your son get oppressed by others..i'm begging of you, oh lord, please hear my prayers.

May 19, 2010
Lord help me to pray
by: Bob

Dear Lord,
I need your help as much as I need your forgiveness.
Lord please hear my prayers and pleas for your help and guidance.

May 05, 2010
by: Philip James

Thank you lord for everything you have given.

Please help me to overcome my flesh, desire of world and satan.

Please Please Please

Let us work for u without any self intention

Please make me humble

Please Please please

Apr 27, 2010
Please Help Me
by: Suzie


Please, help me get out of my financial problem. I do not want to end up living under a bridge again.

Apr 24, 2010
Loan Offer
by: Lady Miracle

Loan Offer..

Good Day Mr/ Mrs,

I am Lady Miracle a provide loan lender.

Apr 12, 2010
Debt Solutions
by: Anonymous

For all people finding life hard, and are looking to get out of debt, please log on to

Apr 11, 2010
I love you lord
by: tim

Lord please help me to land a job I am so far in debt , I need your blessings and help I have learned my lesson and need another chance.

Apr 07, 2010
Please help me Lord
by: Peter

I am buried. I am lost. It seems hopeless. Please let it be not. You know better than I what to do. Please help me know and to do.

Mar 29, 2010
thanks Lord
by: Anonymous

Thank you Lord for getting me through these tough times.
I am grateful for this Job I have , the pay is modest but I am grateful....once again Thank you Lord Jesus...

Mar 02, 2010
by: Emilie

May all your requests be answered. But always remember that we must work hard to get out of debt. That is what I had to learn. It may take you a while but you can do it!

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