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Lord Jesus Help Me

by Partha Roy
( Kolkata , West Bengal /Delhi , India)

Lord Jesus help me to get my money due to me to construct Holy Mother Mary Church in UK to create joy in hearts of people in UK

Lord Jesus , Holy Mother Mary , Every Holy Soul in The Universe,

With all humility in my heart , I humbly request you and Everyone to kindly sensetise & persuade Chairperson of Federation Of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ladies Organisation , Vice Chairperson of Hindustan Times group to release verbally promised money UK pound 500 million+ & other resources support to construct one of the unique Holy Mother Mary Church in UK incorporating Indian temple architectural design based on "Unity in Diversity " theme at an early date.
Also , to release US$ 5 million to for painting & upgrading of facilities in St. Paul's Cathedral in Kolkata (Calcutta) , India a landmark of the city of Kolkata. This money is due to me as part of my salary for my service to their group.
O Lord , O Holy Mother Mary help me to built the church before upcoming Olympic in UK so that people in UK , Europe can celebrate Unity in Diversity in Sports & Religion together in Thy Divine Grace.

Partha Roy
May Every Moments Of Every one's Life Be Full Of Happiness.
Point To Ponder
* There is no such thing as a self-made man. We are made up of thousands of others.-George Adams
~In the family ,may discipline overcome indiscipline, peace discord, charity miserliness,devotion arrogance ,and the truth-spoken word the false -spoken word. Avesta Yasna 60.5

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