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Lord God, I Need A Miracle

by Karen
(Urbandale, IA)

Lord God, I have been in a living hell for the past 6 years, and really, all my life. The humans in my life have never been supportive, I am isolated, I lost my driver's license since I couldn't pay my tickets, I have no car anyway because it was vandalized beyond repair, I can't pay the bills even with the job I have. I have prayed to you over these things but you have not kept your word that anything we pray in the name of Jesus Christ will be given. I haven't asked for mean things, but mainly for necessities, and with very few exceptions my prayers have gone in one ear and out the other. I feel like a rag doll you made, decided you didn't like, and so you kicked me into a moldy corner, never to come back to me. Lord, I am near the end of faith and prayer. Hear me and help me please, in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you. Karen

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