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Like Nothing I've Ever Known

by Melissa
(Willis, TX, USA)

I've had out-of-body experiences before. I've worked with deep meditations and chakra cleansings, and all that. But these last two years have been strange. First, I follow dreams and visions that lead me to come here, to where I am now, supposedly to meet my Twin Soul. I met someone I was absolutely certain was him, yet he's married. So nothing happened.

Oddly, that's when all the really strange things began to happen. First the ringing in my ears, then the dreams about him. Then everything began to go wrong. Think in terms of nearly The Book of Job.

I lost my job and my car, which disconnected me from the man I was certain was "him". Things began to hit hard, which I later came to realize was my "Dark Night of the Soul". I went back to the chakra work and meditations. My brother met his Twin Soul, and they are now together.

Next came MY changes. The ringing in my ears is so high-pitched sometimes, I can't hear anything else around me. These last few weeks, it's been constant. The more cleansing work I do, the higher the pitch of the ringing. Then came the strange tingling like touching a naked wire. That electrical pulse. Then I began to see the strange colors around me, just out of the corner of my eye.

One night, I received a visit from a high-dimension being, who called himself Mithrias. He told me he was here to guide me on my journey. To mentor me. He showed me star charts and star maps from a nearby spiral galaxy, which my research later showed me is the galaxy of Andromeda. Strange, I know.

Since that night, things went into high gear. I cannot tolerate meat, anymore. Not in the past week. And I have always been strongly carnivorous. I even tried just making a tortilla fried in bacon grease, and got sick. No meat. I can eat all the nuts I want, all the beans I want, all the veggies I want. But when I try to eat meat, I literally vomit it up.

I've been a smoker and a strong coffee drinker. This last week, I've been unable to tolerate more than one or two cups of coffee every other day. From nearly a pot a day to a cup every other day? And cigarettes? I've been a pack a day smoker for over 20 years. This last week, I've found myself going up to four hours before I have a sudden craving for a cigarette. My body is changing. My needs are changing. Everything is changing.

I go into meditation now, and hit that astral plane almost immediately. It's like those on the other planes can't wait to show me whatever they show me. But I can't really seem to remember what I've seen. I can only sense that I've been somewhere else. And the images in my mind! I remember being on another planet, on a beach with white sand. The ocean was green. The sky was deep violet. There were two suns: one a yellow giant, the other a red dwarf. The cliffs along the side were made of rose quartz crystal. Oh it is so beautiful, and so very peaceful. I feel homesick for it!

These last two days I've found myself looking in the mirror and almost don't recognize that face looking back at me. Like I'm looking at myself with new eyes. Strange.

Sometimes, it scares me, this feeling that I'm expanding outward. And upward. The explosion of colors I see, as I expand. The near panic attacks that strike fear into me. I know I shouldn't be afraid, yet sometimes, I do feel fear.

I have yet to connect physically with my Twin Soul, though I've connected many times with him astrally. I have the feeling we're about to come together, though.

I've read across the internet, that many others have seen and experienced exactly what I have been. So at least I know I'm not alone, nor am I losing my mind.

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