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Light in the Darkness of Night

by Naomi

Out of the holy darkness
comes a Living Word
that carries a Life-giving touch
flowing in the energy of a streaming Love
that reaches for my Heart and Soul
in a Way No Other can Ever do.
I speak on the Wings of Spirit
through the whispering Voice
of a Beloved Presence that
Creates a Dawn
in the Silence of my Soul.
I discover my Being in a God
that cannot be named,
only felt, in the breath of Love,
a prayerful sigh of awakening,
known only to God.
No one can follow another there,
for Love beckons to each heart,
calls us in a way no one knows,
except in the recognition
of each heart, each soul,
and the light of each spirit.
The sacred music calls us
to come alone
through a wilderness,
a pathless journey of sweet surrender.
Only Love can guide the way.



Comments for Light in the Darkness of Night

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Apr 02, 2008
Light in the darkness of night
by: Lina

Dear Noami,

That's very beautiful & profound. My soul really enjoyed it. Thank you. God bless

Jun 19, 2008
Thank you, Naomi
by: Doran

Dear Naomi,
Your poems and prayers continue to touch me from their depth of feeling and their imbuement of the sacred.


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