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Light Body Sharing - Struggles and Changes

by Doug Davi
(Portland, Oregon)

This has been quite an interesting year so far!
Definitely different in terms of basic immune system, with a flu to start out the year that left me with a lingering cough for a couple months. Then some very unusual symptoms 'popped up' for a while -- extremely swollen and painful lymph nodes in the armpits for a week or so, which resolved. Then a conjunctivitis type thing in my eyes for a week or so. Also tore a muscle in my calf while in a dance class -- bummer, laid me up for a few weeks.

On the bright side, my life as a whole has taken some very interesting turns -- a prayer was answered for a 'princess' to be sent to me, and i was contacted by a woman aligned with the Sikh lineage whose spiritual name Kaur means 'princess', and we have started a wonderful long-distance relationship with several weekend 'dates'. And she has inspired me to start a daily sadhana of yoga, meditation and prayer, in which i do the Alignment practice daily for the first time.

And this has all led to a sudden situation where I was terminated from my employment as a hospice social worker, and now am in a great moment of opportunity to do something different. And I had just voiced strongly to some friends and to the Universe that I was ready for a career change, but that it might take 2-3 years to transition. Feels like the Universe just said 'NO, THE TIME IS NOW!'

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