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Light Body Question

by Sylvia
(Oakland, CA USA)

What does light body mean and why is it important.

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Jun 27, 2008
More about the light body
by: Mashubi

Hello Sylvia, and thank you for your question. The light body is in essence, a body of light, that human beings are developing as greater light comes to the Earth. We are all affected by this influx of God's light, some of us more than others. The light body is important to those of us who wish to stabilize our physical, emotional and energetic bodies to be able to receive the maximum amount of this light, in order to serve God more fully, and become a vehicle for God's healing and love. A person who carries God's light in their body has a healing presence, and in some cases has the capacity to transform negative energies and situations.

Nov 15, 2008
Thank you
by: Sylvia

I guess I don't know my computer very well. I'm just now reading the answer to my question and it is November 15. Thank you for your reply. Sylvia

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