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Letter to God for Intercession

by Kimberly
(Orange Park)

Dear God, I am better at writing than I am at speaking.

I am asking you today to bring Heaven to earth, use your hands, words, and angels to touch Phillip today. Guide him through his day, through his thoughts, actions, words, and sleep and walk him through his memories with me to realize that he's made a mistake. Let him realize that I'm missing. Allow him to come calling me and communicating with me. Allow him to come share his career with me and the happiness and excitement he feels in it. Let all the misunderstanding, miscommunication, anger, fear, doubt and any other issue that's keeping him from me be removed from the two of us. Erase whatever went wrong and bring back the thoughts and feelings he forgot he had with me. Only Heaven can help this situation. I know that when you opened my eyes to him, with I never thought it could really work, that it was a miracle that you created. Now I ask you to do the same now - open his eyes back up to me, after he closed them, and let us experience that miracle again. I know he has a lot of growing to do and there is a lot that needs to be done, but I ask you to let us grow together. I believe that's why I have the maturity to see this. I have promised you that I wouldn't contact him and I ask that by December 15th, you will have answered me and Phillip will have come knocking. I write this with a broken heart and ask for you to heal me. You know what I ask and you know what I want. You know how happy I was and how unhappy I am. You know that I will do things different and try as hard as I can, but I need this chance and your divine help. Please, I wait every second for this help to come.

I pray for his call in the next few days.


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