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Let Love Be Your Companion

by Naomi

What if your voice is the only voice

that someone hears beyond their own?

What is the message that you share?

When someone looks into your eyes

wanting to feel you care,

what will they see there?

Who remembers who you are?

When the world feels full of strangers,

where do you go to find a friend?

An elderly woman took my hand

and said with a longing look in her eyes,

please don’t forget about me.

I could see that deep inside,

she was afraid that she

would forget who she was.

Who are we without those we

choose to share our lives?

If you lose everything you own,

and the world you’ve made

is ripped away, who are you?

What is your touchstone?

Where is home?

We are the creators of our lives,

and we decide who we will be

with every choice we make.

Look deep within

and befriend your heart.

Whisper your secrets

to the light that shines within you.

Dive into the reflecting pool

of your soul and know that

a greater soul welcomes you home.

Let your heart know who you are.

Let love be your companion

and dearest friend.

No matter where you go,

no need to fear,

for Love is always near.

Look within and know that

Love is always here.


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Jun 23, 2008
Let Love Be Your Companion
by: Randal

Thank You Naomi this was a very beautiful posting Thank you for you time

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