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jobless need strength to have faith and keep looking

I know I am supposed to have faith that God will supply all my basic needs but everything is so messed up. My husband had a construction business and it fell apart along - the phone just quit ringing I was having health issues which praise the Lord he has taken care of so we are both looking for a job now but the job market is so tight neither of us seem to be having any luck. We have reached the point of no return with our credit cards (they are maxed out and some as much as 7 months behind on payments) We are behind on his truck payments and come Dec we will be two months behind on the mortgage. I pray and ask God to take control but I feel I betray Him and block our blessings because no matter how hard I try to turn complete control over to God I still feel I am not doing something right - I try to hear His instructions on what I am supposed to be doing but everything continues to go from bad to worse. On days like today I struggle to not give up completely. What am I doing wrong? why can we not find work? do I not have enough faith ? We do not drink, do drugs or party - we love God and do our best to honor Him. Please pray for our daily strength and faith that God has not forgotten us that he will soon bless us with work and show us how to rebuild our life.

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