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It's Here....

by Gary

Well, for about 3 years I've had all kinds of experiences...with Mother Earth...with a portal to heaven...with gigantic "waves" of energy that resemble ocean waves....all pointing toward a new and glorious and unimaginable future: the stories are endless...but now, something different has happened:

The last 'wave' was so huge that there was no mistaking it: The new energy is here. Not next week. Not next month. Here now. And I get the feeling there is nothing left to to do. I do feel more clairvoyant than ever. Always tired. Always emotional. And always waiting.

The scary part is that even though what's ahead is infinitely better than what we have now, it's still unknown. I get the feeling most people would rather cling to what they know than venture beyond.

I think all heaven is about to break loose.

Comments for It's Here....

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Jun 10, 2008
by: Mashubi

Hello dearest Gary! You have such a beautiful way of putting your experience into words. Thank you so much for sharing!

With much love and gratitude,

Aug 01, 2008
by: kalina

Thank you Gary for your comment, your insight and sight is awesome!
I too, feel most people feel fear when faced with the unknown, the key word is "unknown". If the foundation is limited it will crack, giving way for a new opportunity of elevated alignment with The Firist Source And Center, God, the Universal Father.
The ropes of sercurity are ever present,hope, love, service, universal brotherhood. We have within us the faith with joy to share this present mighty transformation with hands outreach to others in fear.
The words, from my mouth too!,"always tried,waiting emtional" comfort found in knowledge the body/spirit is growing Deo-Atomic cells for the emerging light body,Morontia Boby(Urantia Book)
At long last the world will come into alignment with Paradise absolutes, and know peace.
God bless you Gary, and keep surfing those waves!

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