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Is it Possible?

by Naomi

Is it possible to die from longing,

to be strung into threads

from an unraveled life

from one universe to another?

Is it possible to drown in another heart,

to feel the rising tides

of waves washing through my being

flooding my soul with love?

Is it possible to feel a fire

blazing through a forgotten age

melting the frozen world of time

into the glory of spring?

Is it possible to disappear

in the rushing currents of the river

and arise in the breathless beauty

of an eternal sea?

Is it possible that the yearning

to touch the face

of the beloved in the moon

is the force that turns the world?

Is it possible that surrendering

to love spreads the wings of spirit

to fly through the boundaries

that separate us all?

Is it possible for the furnace

of suffering to transform the world

and create a glow that could

turn the darkness into dawn?

Is it possible to fall into sleep

longing for the green valleys

of promise in a dream

and awaken in a garden of peace?


I offer my questions as a prayer.


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