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by Robert

It was a very cold and blustery early morning as I walked briskly down the road and through an avenue of over-arching plane trees, gaunt and bare, a significant reminder of the cold, dry Winter.And yet,even in their starkness, devoid of their masses of leaves they still seemed to me to retain a gracious dignity,an aura of permanence and wholeness.The arching branches indeed appeared to my inner senses to be reaching in attitude of prayer and silent communion to the intangible web of life, and though the frigid blasts of wind shook and swayed the great boles they soon returned to their central point.
What a great example and lesson for us humans as we so often struggle and flounder in the turbulent ocean of material life, as adversity and seemingly never ending problems and hardships beset us to the point at times when we feel we simply cannot cope any more. Indeed, there are countless numbers who reached that state and so black and bleak was their outlook, so destitute of soul, that they ended it all.

Suicide is, or never should be an option.
Such poor souls in their spiritual blindness transgress the Cosmic Law of Being and evolution and as they have cut short their appointed earthly life span, will have to return to face again the very same grim circumstances.Thinking on this I was filled with renewed awe and wonder at at how much that Great overshadowing universal spirit we term God or the Absolute, has provided on this earth in the realm of nature for our elucidation and upliftment in times of hardship if we but realize it. But man is blinded by materialism and the incessant race to acquire wealth and status, to sate the physical senses with such pleasures.

Thus, when life begins remorselessly pounding him, he remains insensate to the healing balm of Mother nature. Of course there are many exceptions, people who have suddenly been exalted and healed simply by the sight of an exquisite sunrise or sunset, a beautiful flower, a magnificent old tree, a mountain or ocean vista,etc, each providing the impetus to a healing at the right time. A very wise soul once said that nature is the instructor of mankind and that we ignore and abuse her at our peril. We have truly seen only to well, particularly since the industrial era began,the far reaching and damaging results of this mismanagement and abuse.Every single damaging action to the vast supporting and delicate web of life rebounds. Those involved in the natural sciences are beginning to realize mans essential kinship with all forms of life and its deep and subtle interrelationship.However, one cannot but wonder if it is not already too late as we see how the earth and the very elements rebel and continue to rebel in the form of violent storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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