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In My Time Of Need A Prayer For Help

by Randal Ballantyne

I found this hard too begin mainly because I never dreamed of asking through the internet let alone explain my situation. Any way here it is this is but a request from you in the way of help for me and my family of 4 boys and wife It started with my first lay off after which all started going downhill. We had lost our house after that moving too a rental and since been on lay off permanently from my next job just adding too the previous downfall I have lost my vehicle-using up all savings- being behind in rent & utilities close too eviction and utility cut off and on many occasions without food even as I speak as you could tell the list goes on and it led me too this i am 49 years old and have had the longest job 14 years in laid off by company going bankrupt and losing my $20,000 severance and also my 5week vacation pay.

The next was the latest where I worked for they too are closing and at the same time at my age and the beginning of high cholesterol and now becoming sick by way of anxiety and the general millage -fatigue at the same time my sickness-sore legs and bones due too cholesterol and drastically loosing almost 50 lbs at a very quick rate and other such symptoms that are making it impossible too walk too the store-this is only but a very tiny explanation of my need for help.

well I have said a lot and I am very sure with your busy life I am the last of your worry and as God is my witness when the my fortune or luck comes I will promise too pay you back. Thank you for your time too listen. randalb3@yahoo.com

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Jun 24, 2008
Love and light to you and your family
by: Anonymous

May you have peace, and find the means to help your family and yourself. May your friends pick you up and carry you when your feet are too tired. Much hope and love to you.

Jun 25, 2008
In My Time Of Need A Prayer For Help
by: randal

Thank you very much for you response too my post at this present time for me things just go from bad too worst and almost about too have too separate from my family I have tried too ask for a long time on many web sights for help so this wouldn't happen and I only get responses from people who only want too make me suffer even further thank you unknown person

Jun 27, 2008

I am holding you in my prayers. It is always darkest before the dawn, and I pray that you receive the love, light and support you need to get through this painful time.

Jun 28, 2008
A Prayer
by: Anonymous

It isn't easy to ask for help, I know. I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time with a wife and children to care for, and now you have health problems as well. It is difficult to try and receive financial help through the internet, but people can certainly pray for you and your family. Knowing that people care and hear your prayer and pray with you is another kind of answer. It is the good fortune of compassion and concern, a hand reaching out and extending to you as a spiritual brother, one who is in need of support. I certainly send your emotional support.
There are agencies that you can contact, who can try and obtain some financial help for you.
I am so sorry you have had to experience all that you are going through.
May you be comforted to know that you are not completely alone.

Jun 28, 2008
TOO Anonymous
by: Randal

Too the Anonymous thank you for your prayer and time too help with my present situation and can for now say thank you some inspirational hope for me Randl

Jun 28, 2008
by: Mashubi

Dearest Randal, I am so sorry for the great pain and difficulty you are experiencing. With so much loss all at once, this must feel so devastating and frightening. I encourage you to keep reaching out to God and to ask for and receive help, and to stay connected with us here on this prayer list.

For practical levels of assistance, often a local organization or community group can offer more reliable assistance than the internet, which has many limitations.

It has been my experience that God holds us close even in the most extremely dark and painful times. We are held and supported even when we can't feel it, and often there is healing and blessing that comes even in the midst of the trials.

I pray that you and your family be supported and comforted and helped to find your way through this time, and that new pathways of hope, love and opportunity may open for you. With much love to you, Mashubi

Jun 28, 2008
Thank you
by: Randal

To:Mashubi--thank you for your respond it is very touching and way more of a possitive felling than at present time and very inspiring for me too thank you for taking the time too read my post and too write too me as well.

Jul 03, 2008
You're most welcome
by: Mashubi

Dearest Randal, you are most welcome. Thank you for writing, it is a pleasure to meet you. These are extraordinarily challenging times for so many of us, and it is an honor to pray and share. Please feel free to stay in touch, and also to participate if you'd like in our discussion forums on our members site at www.WorldBlessings.net. There are many additional spiritual supports there and you don't need to pay anything to access the site, there is a complimentary membership available here at http://www.worldblessings.net/public/10.cfm.

Jul 27, 2011
God please help me
by: Anonymous

It all started when I lost my part-time job. I was always hustling for me, my kids and family and friends. Never thought that I would get in trouble. I just wanted to help everybody. Well after all I've been thru. I went job searching.

No one wanted to hire me. I lost my car, my boyfriend lost everything he had. My family tried to do all they knew how
Still things got worst. My friends who were my friends stop calling me. I didn't know what to do. My utilities were cut off every week. And I literally mean every week. I prayed and prayed and ask God to continue to help me and my kids and to bless my family. If you reading this please pray for me. I'm just a little tired now

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