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In Jesus' Name

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

Dear God, you asked me to stay quiet. Please, I will try to do as you asked. It is very hard for me due to me being very heartbroken, scared, and just wanting to hold the one I love in my arms and say THANK YOU for answering me. THANK YOU for blessing me with my love back in my life. Dear God, please push all the holds and evil and negative issues that are surrounding me and the one I love. Bring healing to both of us. Bring the way we were back and build on that goodness we had together. Please, beginning now, end this silence between the one I love and I. Use your hand to guide him to me and contact me. Use your heart and intervene in his heart and mind and turn him back to me. I will be forever thankful!!! Please, whatever you need me to do or whoever you need me to help, tell me. I will do what you ask. Please, my request is that my miracle comes now. That my miracle happens now. His class ends on Friday. I pray that word of God intervenes through him and his return to Washington and him leaving Wilmington will bring great progress between he and I. I just ask to please, through the intercession of Jesus and prayers of agreement, and allow my love to return to me. Please, I'm asking for you to let it be my turn this time. That my request is answered this time. The miracle that brought him to me will bring him back. I pray for the call, for the ticket to Washington to see him. Please bring visible and quick help to me. Give me hope and a sign of his return and what I ask.

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