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I'm Listening to You Today

by Alra
(Depok, Indonesia)

O radiant soul, come to the Sun
Fill up your being with my light
Overcome your past
Tame your desires
Be vigilant with a thief creeping up within your heart
Strengthen the fortresses in your chest
Dab some cool water on your face
Feel each and every drop of water touching your pores
Feel the Divine Power
Awaken your passion to His Power

Look, my dear
I taught you how to walk
to crawl, to stand up and run
Run with me, together with the wind of change
Passing through the dark periods of life
Climbing mountains of eternity
Navigating each and every sea of your heart
Reaching the Divine Peaks with me

My beloved, listen to me within your heart
I’m whispering in the depth of your heart
I’m singing in the nook of your soul

Beloved, let me walk you among the obstacles
Open up each and every window of your heart
Each and every ray of the Sun will enter the room of your heart
Confining and controlling your soul

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