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If only we could be like Christ.....

by Messenger of Yah
(New Jersey)

If only if we could be like Christ given all and wanting nothing.  Crying and praying,  fasting and healing,  teaching and loving, standing and fighting.  If only we could be like Christ, loving the poor and helping the needy, guiding the lost and shepherding the babies,  having authority, yet surrendering all power,
Being conquered, but yet not defeated.  Being bound but yet so free.  If only we could be like Christ, rebuking the storm when it blows with fierce might, freeing the spiritual captives of unclean spirits, loving those who reject love.  Being a light in the pit of an abyss. If only we could be like Christ,  Oh by the way we are Christ ( the anointed one) for he has given apart of himself to his disciples and his messengers to continue with the message of love, truth and spirit.  To teach of the beautiful kingdom of light!  May we all strive in the fullness of Christ.  So be it!

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